This is a great workout for those days when you need the get the blood moving through the muscles after a tough series of workouts. Recovery swim 2500 yds. but nothing is all out challenging! Nice way to get in a few yards and have fun at the same time!!

The distance will not be right..just a guess based on time!

Main Set:

10 x 5:00 in the following order:

#1 warm up easy stretch out your stroke…5 min’
#2 Drill for 5:00, catch up, fist, zipper keep repeating for 5:00
#3 Using fins…kick for 5:00
#4 5 x 50 sprint hard on 1:00
#5 Kick WITHOUT fins
#6 5:00 straight swim, every 3rd length, all out speed
#7 5:00 swim with Paddles
#8 5:00 swim with pull buoy only
#9 5:00 swim continuous (how many lengths
#10 5:00 all out fast..should have more lengths than #9

:30 sec. recovery between each of the 10 sets…

C/D 100 easy