Arriving in Clearwater was great with beautiful weather and warm 72 degree water.  The first day of putting the bike together and getting organized was relaxing as Mike and I arrived on Weds. instead of Thursday. I was happy to have him this year as Laura wasn’t there and it’s best to have your support with you. They had the expo and registration right at pier 60 this year so it was so nice to not have to drive at all.  It was very organized.  I went out for a beautiful swim and felt very comfortable. Since I was still tired from Kona, I did very little the days before the race.


Race morning was the typical nerve buster but I was determined to just enjoy it.  I had been really tired this year after Kona so I just decided to enjoy myself.  Our age group was the first to go after the pro’s and I had never been in that wave before so I arrived early.  I had a good start and felt very comfortable in the water.  I have to admit that I like this swim the best out of all 70.3 races I have done.  I made one mistake of forgetting that they strip your wetsuit for you and took a bit of time stripping it at waters edge.  I still PR’d by a minute so I was happy.


This is where Clearwater gets a bit murky.  I had a good run on the bike as I felt like I was in a time trial and stayed aero. There were parts of the course where I couldn’t see another cyclist.  With 16 miles to go I was enveloped in a group of about 20 riders and then purposely dropped back.  There were 2 women in the mix in that one.  Apparantly, this is how the flat course shapes up.  I did not see an official the entire bike this year where last year they were everywhere.  So I guess depending where you are in your wave and if you are lucky not to get caught, you can really fly in the bike.  Unless they can change the course to a hillier one, drafting will always be a problem.  I was 8 minutes slower than last year but biked hard and am proud to not have been in a drafting situation.


I wasn’t sure whether I was still tired from Ironman or just went too hard on the bike but it took me longer to get into a rythem this year.  I pushed as hard as I could though. I came off the bike in 3rd place and ran into 2nd place.  I did notice that it was alot cooler on the run since our wave was so much earlier. It has felt so much hotter the last 2 years.  It was fun being able to cheer on the pro’s this year as well.  Mike was my great inspiration out there as well as Brian Enge, who was in the race and cheering me on the run. (CEO-Zoot Sports).  All in all I was happy with my performance and only ended up 2 minutes slower than my winning time last year.

I have to thank the sponsors that keep me at the top…Zoot Sports, B&L Bike,Look,Easton,Giro, and Oakley. You guys are just the greatest….and Mikey my biggest fan.

Dream Big,