Sunrise IM Wisconsin

Laura Sophiea brings 25 years of competitive racing, knowledge and experience to her coaching program. Laura will develop a manageable triathlon program to fit your lifestyle, family, and your life. She monitors your progress and will work together with you to refine your program to meet your goals.

Patience. Precision. Perspective. Poise.

Training for triathlon is a complete journey.

It takes patience to follow the steps necessary to reach your full potential.

You will bring focus and determination to reach your goals.

It is important to train in the moment and be aware of your body, how it feels, how it reacts and how it grows stronger.

Triathlon should help you bring balance to your life, not cause further imbalance.

At Sophiea Coaching we believe in bringing all of these principles into your triathlon training. We work with you to determine your goals, short term and long term; then we craft a plan to get you there. Your coach will check in with you as often as necessary to ensure you are working the details of your plan, but also taking a step back to see the bigger picture. We will work with you to make sure your training enhances your life; work, family, and friends. Triathlon is an incredible experience, it will bring out the best in you; let us help you get there!

Sophiea Coaching – achieve your possibilities!