The long run would become the highlight of the camp and one to be talked about later that evening. The day began with a later 7:00 a.m. wake up call with the run beginning at 8:00 a.m. We all descended down in our cars to Yahoola rode to begin the 5.6 mile loop. The goal was to complete 2 or 3 loops making each loop quicker. We would stop at the cars, refuel and re-hydrate and begin the next loop. We started out together and quickly the fast “boys” were gone and the girls hung tough along with Rob, and then Drew who finally recovered kept us all in contact. Within the first ½ mile Max (cute dog in the pictures) was attacked by 3 dogs waiting in the grass for him. Kelly went after the dogs; the boys came back and checked on Max and Kelly. He was shaken but OK…and he went on to run the 17 miles plus a few more because he would chase the boys, come back to the girls, finally hanging out with the “chicks”. It would be another gorgeous day for a run 57 degrees to start the run and 65 by the end of the run. Everyone completed the hard, hilly loops on pretty tired legs. We were not done yet, after a quick return to the house, we changed and were out the door in 20 minutes for a 30 mile ride. I do not believe there is any flat rode in the north Georgia mountains. As Wayne said later that afternoon, he was not ready to ride so soon. Next year Wayne, I promise, one hour between events. We had a nice ride to the fort, well until Bz, and then Peter took off and made it a race which Kevin soon joined and the rest of us being of smarter, sounder minds, and painfully sore quads rode a steady pace to the Ranger fort. Time to head back home and all of us made it up the driveway at the end of the ride!!! No car rides for that group J

Off again to the “crik” for another day of ice baths, and lots of pictures of the group jumping off the rocks into the water. I think they had more energy left and maybe next year we will do 3-Gap on Saturday after the long run!

We headed back to the house after spending about 30:00 in the water. Next up was a talk on Ironman nutrition, lots of good questions, and information to be shared along with each athlete receiving the book “The Endurance Athlete’s Guide To Success” from Hammer Nutrition along with a goodie bag from Hammer.  We also covered training with Power.

The culminating event for the afternoon was the awards. We had King and Queen of the Mountain award, (Peter and Kelly) along with the Mental – Stick –To –It award to Nikki…who had a truly amazing camp. Jon, Wayne, Brett, Drew, Bz, Neal, Rob, each  received their special award and then we had a great dinner and lots of laughs, wine, and beer. It was a nice way to end the day.