Day 2

Friday April 17th

Wake up call was 6:00 a.m. Everyone made their bottles of nutrition….Hammer of course;  had  breakfast of  coffee, toast, cereal, muffins, and with a bit of nervousness they were ready to begin the day. The driveway of the house we were staying in has a 25% grade and is steep all the way to the bottom. They had the option of riding down, which then meant climbing it at the end of the day, or taking the car to the end of the gravel road and begin the ride from there. I would say it was 6 for riding and 6 for the car. I am a car person J We had one group picture and were off on our journey. It was quickly apparent that the fast group was gone…Kevin, along with Jon, Peter, Bz and also David (a local Atlanta resident) were out of sight in the first mile!

Our first climb all 8 athletes were together, even Drew with the flu (feeling a bit better) made it up Woody’s Gap. We then flew down to the town of Suches and made the turn on to 180 with Rob pulling us along and Neal agreeing to be the sweeper. It was a great plan but with all plans things do change! The next climb was to the top of Wolf Pen…again we all gathered for pictures and slowly began the switchback descent to the bottom of Wolf Pen. Wayne showed us all how he loves to descend putting us all to shame. It was fun to watch him go! At the end of Wolf Pen two people chose to ride 3-Gaps twice and the rest continued on to the 6-Gap course. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, and such a clear blue sky it was truly amazing! We were blessed with a beautiful, fun filled day. We covered over 15,000 feet of climbing and descending all with smiles on our faces.

Next up was our transition run, a short 3.5 miles and then off to the “crik” for an ice bath. Today the water was 56 degrees. Sixteen minutes of pure pleasure.

Bed time came early Friday night. People were pretty tired and quiet. Looking forward to the long run on Saturday???