Eight days from race day, deep into taper…the weeks you love to hate. Most morning I wake up and feel like I have been doing way too much but realize that is because I am doing so little. I love the short 2 hour total workouts, and even miss my five hour workout days! However, I do enjoy my off time but really want the race to be here! Friday is a total day off of training for me. I love sitting here at the ocean away from town and all the nervous energy thinking about race day and the fact that I am here racing again at the Ironman World Championships. The best place in the world to be this week!!

The ocean has had big swells and swimming has been a blast. One moment you think you are swimming only to find yourself on top of the swell, up higher in the ocean than you believed you should be and your stroke has gone! Love it!! Great time heading out, slow time coming back in. Be careful coming back in, as there are many of your close friends heading out at the same time you are heading into shore.

Good luck to everyone in this last week, enjoy the week, soak it all in. It is truly a special place to be. Make sure to visit the expo and talk to the SpiderTech people. They know how to protect those nagging injuries and help you get to the start line ready to race.

Enjoy Kona!


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