What an amazing weekend of Ironman racing. All of the ironman racers are Team Stars this week!

Jill, racing IM KY…Finishing so strong on what became a tough day!
Alan, PR at IM KY…Going under 11 is soon to follow! IM Melbourne!
Debbie, IM KY…great day! What an amazing bike ride!

Julie, Wow what an awesome run, sub 3:57. Flatting due to tacks is a tough way to do a bike ride but you were so strong after wanted to bag it all.

Matt…Great finish and what an terrific husband stopping to help Julie! Great team!

Again to all who raced, you are an IRONMAN! Even if the day did not unfold as you had planned or hoped, you stuck with your plan and finished something incredible! I am in awe of all of your strengths!

– Laura