I wanted to say thanks again for a great camp. Thanks also for taking care of me while I was sick. I had the best time and can’t wait until next year so I can get all the gaps with fresh legs and another year on the bike. Even though I was sick and didnt get a whole lot in, I learned a lot about my own levels of where I am. After my times and splits coming down, I felt very confident. This camp was certainly humbling, if not by the course, then certainly by the rest of the athletes there. It has definitely given me some bonus mental points to focus on for my long rides on runs.

Everyone there was great and I learned a ton. I wish I was able to get more workouts in. It is hard balancing the “you can do one more” with the reality of: NO energy.

I feel a ton better today after a long, drawn out drive back the Chicago. Driving up those gaps on the way out was crazy! I can hardly believe that I rode up those. Crazy.