At age 56, only 5 beginner Triathlons, and no professional training , I decided to take on Ironman New Zealand. Like all new Triathletes, I was worried about the distance, the cutoff times, my nutrition plan, and my total lack of tri knowledge.

4 months before IM, Laura agreed to take me on as a student. Laura’s training plan was intense but her ability to incorporate her knowledge into my workouts was incredible. I learned how to understand and improve my training . Laura’s program helped me build my endurance, and develop a personal nutrition plan , and understand my body’s capabilities.

By the time Ironman arrived I was well trained and confident in taking on the task. My results exceeded my expectations. Being so well prepared made my IM experience even more amazing than I thought it would be.

I have continued to work with Laura since IM New Zealand and I have reached new levels of speed and endurance which I would have never believed I was capable of. Laura has trained me through new PRs at every race. I have since placed 1st in my AG in an Olympic distance event, and qualified and competed in the 2010 USAT Nationals. None of this would have been possible without Laura.
Laura is very nice, understanding, and easy to work with. She is an amazing athlete and is willing to share all of her knowledge, experience, and her race secrets to help you attain your goals with confidence.

Laura’s training program is not for the meek, or without a serious commitment. But if you are ready to take on new goals, get answers to all of your training questions, become a stronger athlete,..and get back to your high school weight,.. then Laura is your answer.
I continue to respect the relationship I have developed with Laura as my professional coach, as my friend, and as my biggest supporter.

Michael, Atlanta, Ga.