After a quality winter training on my own, in March I decided to work with Laura and knew I had made the right choice. What I did not truly realize but quickly became apparent is the depth of knowledge I instantly had at my disposal.

Her willingness to provide a few minutes of time almost any time was priceless. I learned that every training was a workout inside a workout with a specific purpose. As she put it “I need to build your engine”, I get it now. As a husband, father and small business owner, I was amazed how she effortlessly tailored a program to meet my needs.

It was a great comfort when I found myself standing in the unknown and I had Laura in my corner to clarify what I needed next.

The highest acknowledgement I can give is to say that I plan to have her in my corner again in 2015.

I almost forgot to mention that I beat my most optimistic goal by almost 20 minutes.

Jeff – 2013 Ironman Louisville