Sophiea Coaching Athletes Rank High

In 2011 Laura coached 11 of her athletes to All American or Honorable Mention in the USAT 2011 Triathlon Rankings! Amoung the 11, there were 5 All-Americans and 6 Honorable Mentions! Congratulations to Laura and her athletes! To view the rankings for 2011 visit the USAT website.

Clinic Series at Podium Multisport

Laura joins the crew at Podium Multisport in Atlanta, GA for a clinic series “Keys to a successful triathlon season”!
January 18 2012: Triathlon Overview and 12 Keys To A Successful Off-Season– Laura Sophiea

January 25 2012: Andrew Johnston- Proper Nutrition and Strength Training for Training and Racing & Holistic Strength Training for Triathlon”

Febuary 1 2012: Importance of proper bike fit and triathlon bikes vs. road bikes. Followed by Introduction to Computrainer Classes.

February 8 2012: Triathlon Swimming, importance of video analysis—Maria Thrash-Head Dynamo Swim Coach

February 15 2012: Run form for triathletes with Laura; Massage info with Jordan Lunday

Workout of the Week: Midweek Bike

1:45 Middle of the week…a bit of speed, a bit of recovery and a bit of fun!! Warm Up – 30 minutes Build effort from very easy to Ironman pace ever 5 minutes up to 25 minutes. Ride 5 minutes easy Set #1 – 35 minutes 6 minutes Zone 2 2 minutes Zone 3 2 […]

Strip Poker for the Pool

This is one of Laura’s favorite swim workouts! It’s one of the best workouts! W/U 400 long stroke, easy swimming… Main set: 10 x 50 fast turnover! :10 rest 100 e-z swim 12 x 25…Fast…on :30 :05 rest Now for all your swim toys… Strip Poker Swim Fun 800 swim… First 200, swim with fins, […]


Muscular Endurance Ride #4 – 70.3 race prep

This ride is designed as prep for a 70.3 race. All Muscular Endurance workouts are intended to build your aerobic zone power output and improve your endurance at that power. Ride two hours on a flat to rolling course. Warm up 30 minutes Main Set: Ride 5×12 minutes at Zone 3 in aero position (three-minute […]