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Look here to find race reports from myriad races! We’ve got reports from Laura, as well as her past clients. Chances are, you will find a report for the race you are preparing for!

Laura’s latest race report is below! Past race reports and client reports are listed below the latest report.

Technical Coaching – with Tweak


Laura has joined the folks at Tweak!

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Tweak < the athletic edge > is a one-of-a-kind facility where technique matters. We’ve combined coaching and instruction, with sports science and computer-based technology to provide state of the art athletic tutoring.
At tweak, the athlete can see the proper technique corrections with immediate visual feedback – instantly closing the loop between what the brain thinks the body is doing and what the body is actually doing. By using tweak’s real-time motion analysis system you will finally see what your coach is saying.
Be video taped swimming in the water or riding the bike, Laura will work with you to analyze the results and provide feedback to maximize your efficiency.

More information, including specific services and fees, is available on the Tweak <the athletic edge website>.

Laura's Past Race Reports

Post Date
Race Report Title
06 Sep 2010
12 Jul 2008
13 Jun 2008
12 Jun 2008

Sophiea Coaching Client Race Reports

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