July 30-Aug. 2nd
Dahlonega, Ga

My ironman athletes began arriving Thursday for an ironman build weekend. Most athletes are doing Ironman Louisville or Ironman Wisconsin. The athletes are from flat land Michigan looking forward to climbing 6 Gap mountain passes in north Georgia. A great training weekend was in the forecast for them. Unfortunately the weather had other plans in mind with 2 out of 4 days of rain both those coming on biking days ☺ Ask James how biking down Wolfpen with carbon wheels and brakes made his day!

Thursday they all did a short run in the Yahoola Valley. They were able to experience lots of dogs, hills, heat, and sunshine. Friday morning, wheels out by 7:00a.m. The day was 92 miles, 15,000 ft. of climbing, and oh yes, a solid rain fall throughout the day. The good news is that it was warm, and other than descending the rain did not impact the day. Matt…thanks for choosing 6 Gap vs. 3 Gap. A great adventure for a new cyclist! Amazing ride ☺
The best part of the ride was climbing back up the driveway only to see a cab coming down the driveway. By the way, a cab is a very odd thing to see in the mountains. After a few nervous thoughts, we were relieved to know everyone was fine! Once the bike was done it was out for a Yahoola loop, ice baths, outdoor showers, recovery drinks and feet up for Saturday’s long run. But it would not be an ironman camp without Kevin’s awesome meals, great dinner conversations (F2), a couple of beers, and off to bed early.
Sat. dawned sunny and bright and we were out the door again at 7 a.m. for a 22 mile run. That was a tough day, but they all finished so strong and learned quite a bit about themselves, nutrition, pacing, and overall how much fun a long run can be! The finish brought another soaking in the “crick” and then off for a rolling 30 mile ride. We followed that up with a lot of beer, great food, and even better conversations.

We finished the camp riding 3 Gap again in the rain. But, we all finished strong, and they learned so much about ironman training, and how to pace, race, and figure out their nutrition!

TMC IM Camp 2009

Thanks to Jon, Kelly, Shannon, Julie, Matt, Mark, James, Matt for a great weekend of training and I look forward to watching each of you reach your ironman goals!

Best of luck,