FDR Memorial...congress should go on a field trip today!

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Team Triumphs from early September!

Big Congratulations to Casey for winning Masters overall for Tri the Parks race series in Atlanta at 52 years young, he had an amazing season! Way to go Casey! Susan winning the women’s AG 70-74 at Ironman Worlds 70.3 in Las Vegas A close race all day…winning margin 8:00!! A World Champion in only her […]


It was IM weekend for Team Sophiea

What an amazing weekend of Ironman racing. All of the ironman racers are Team Stars this week! Jill, racing IM KY…Finishing so strong on what became a tough day! Alan, PR at IM KY…Going under 11 is soon to follow! IM Melbourne! Debbie, IM KY…great day! What an amazing bike ride! IM CA… Julie, Wow […]

Workout of the Week: Midweek Bike

1:45 Middle of the week…a bit of speed, a bit of recovery and a bit of fun!! Warm Up – 30 minutes Build effort from very easy to Ironman pace ever 5 minutes up to 25 minutes. Ride 5 minutes easy Set #1 – 35 minutes 6 minutes Zone 2 2 minutes Zone 3 2 […]


Team Sophiea Dominates another Weekend!

Congratulations to Team Sophiea members that dominated at races all over the USA! Casey finished first in his age group again winning the title at the Tri the Parks Russell B. Richard Tri. Mike qualified for Worlds 70.3 in Las Vegas! Amy won her AG and Therese placed 3rd in her AG Steelhead 70.3

Recovery Swim

This is a great workout for those days when you need the get the blood moving through the muscles after a tough series of workouts. Recovery swim 2500 yds. but nothing is all out challenging! Nice way to get in a few yards and have fun at the same time!! The distance will not be […]


Tri Campers Reign over Local Tri

Amy, Alan, Yongmin, Shelia, Julie, Matt, Barbara, Kevin are my spotlights this week. After a grueling 3 days of training including 14,000 feet of climbing and up to 23 miles of running these athletes participated in Tri the Mountains Triathlon July 24th! On tired legs, they clean up! Racing strong and having a great time!

Strip Poker for the Pool

This is one of Laura’s favorite swim workouts! It’s one of the best workouts! W/U 400 long stroke, easy swimming… Main set: 10 x 50 fast turnover! :10 rest 100 e-z swim 12 x 25…Fast…on :30 :05 rest Now for all your swim toys… Strip Poker Swim Fun 800 swim… First 200, swim with fins, […]


Muscular Endurance Ride #4 – 70.3 race prep

This ride is designed as prep for a 70.3 race. All Muscular Endurance workouts are intended to build your aerobic zone power output and improve your endurance at that power. Ride two hours on a flat to rolling course. Warm up 30 minutes Main Set: Ride 5×12 minutes at Zone 3 in aero position (three-minute […]


Bennett Wins!

Congratulations to Kelly Bennett for her overall victory in Big Fish Triathlon June 19th Hadley Township, Michigan. Kelly was coming off an 8th place AG finish at Eagleman 70.3 the prior week and continued her strong racing to take the overall title Sunday! Way to go Kelly!