September 12, 2009

After having a few disappointing races I have been determined to have a good race. As you know Laura coached me and I did ALL the work – mentally and physically!

It was a beautiful cool morning at the start Jon, Peter, Roman, Julie Bedford and I all met at the toll booth and had Neil, Laura, Jim Stromberg, Mark Savedes and Julie’s family there cheering us on. You were all in our thoughts especially Tom as we all wanted to have a good day for him.

Jon and I started the swim together on the inside – we had a great spot away from all the chaos. He quickly took off and I being nervous about going hard and hyperventilating decided not to go with him. It was a very nice peaceful swim until you got to the corner bouy’s then madness hit. I was pretty much on my own and happy that way. Jon said he saw me going around the start buoy for the second lap but I didn’t see him and assumed he was ahead of me until he passed me early on the bike. Victory!

The bike was interesting. I was suffering from major bloating which felt like it was resricting my breathing and a pounding heading. Despite all of that, I blocked it out of my head. My legs felt amazing and it was cool and no wind. I checked my heart rate because I had a feeling I was getting a little carried away and noticed my HR monitor filled with water and quit. Oh no, I felt lost! The Wisconsin course is very fun – twisty, turny and on fresh legs easy to get carried away! I told myself not to go too hard but without HR I threw my advice out the window. I started the second lap with a Starbucks Double shot (wonder who’s advice that was:-) This took the edge off of my headache but I didn’t get the boost I had hoped for.  The second half was noticeably more challenging especially with the temp creeping to 83 and a decent breeze picking up. I hung in there determined to break 6 hours which I missed by a few minutes.

I was so ready to get off the bike and get running – I thought 4-10k’s no problem! I started with a lot of stomach bloating and pain that stayed with me through the bike. For a few miles I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but hoped it would work itself out which it eventually did. I was taught to try and block most thoughts out of my head which I was able to do – I would start trying to make deals with myself and told myself to be quite and just think about one foot in front of the other and was able to plug along with very little walking.

It was truly a great day! I ended up tenth in the AG and Hawaii went to fifth but I am still extremely happy with a PR by an hour! We are all truly blessed to compete at the level we do. Thanks to the calls and emails from everyone both before and after the race. It is great to be apart of this team! Gi Mongi!