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2012 Lake Acworth 1-Day Camps

Are you training for your first triathlon? Maybe you’ve already done a triathlon, and you want to be more prepared for your next? Perhaps you want to convince a friend to tri with you?? Join, Laura Sophiea and Barbara Chandler for a 1-day (4 hour) training camp at nearby Lake Acworth.

Camp is only $99 for the day!

To register for camp, complete the form below!

Download the Camp Information PDF File

Download the Camp Information PDF File

To register for camp, complete the form below! Camp fee of $99 for the day may be paid upon arrival.

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Thanks! See you at Camp!

Spring 2012 Training Camp

North GA View

North GA View
Laura is currently planning a 2 day camp in early April 2012 in the North Georgia mountains! This camp will be geared towards triathlete looking to complete an Olympic distance triathlon in the early 2012 tri season. Stay tuned for more information!

Tri Campers Reign over Local Tri


Amy, Alan, Yongmin, Shelia, Julie, Matt, Barbara, Kevin are my spotlights this week. After a grueling 3 days of training including 14,000 feet of climbing and up to 23 miles of running these athletes participated in Tri the Mountains Triathlon July 24th!

On tired legs, they clean up! Racing strong and having a great time!

North Georgia Training Camps 2011

Download the Camp Information PDF File

To register for camp, contact Laura via email:

Camp 2011 pg 1 - download pdf below
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To register for camp, or if you have any questions, contact Laura via email:
Click Here to Download the Camp Information PDF File

Ironman Triathlon Camp 2010 – Dahlonega, GA

Ironman Triathlon Camp
Dahlonega GA July 22-25th

Are you ready for the mountains of Georgia, ready for the long tough hills, ready for the challenge of Tri camp? Then this is the e-mail you have been waiting to read!

Tri camp will begin with dinner on Thursday July 22nd. Arrive early for a chance to visit the “crik” or go for an easy run…or arrive after dinner, the training truly begins Friday July 23rd.


Thursday 7-22 Course talk, easy run or “crik” for early arrivals.

Friday 7-23
6 a.m. Breakfast…. Wheels down at 6:30 for the infamous 89 mile 6-Gap ride right from the house…Immediately followed by either a 4 mile from the house run or a 5.7 loop of the Yahoola Hills!
Lunch –nap-Crik pictures—
Dinner: 6:00 or so…

Saturday 7-24
6:00 a.m. Optional breakfast
6:30 a.m.Long run, depending on your race, it will be a 3 or 4 times the Yahoola Loop…bring your nutrition with you (will drive to start of run…down that 21% graded driveway..just did not want you to have to run up it at the end of a 22 mile run ☺
12:00 …30 mile Fort ride
2:00 Naps…lunch….Winery Visit…oh yeah!!!

Sunday 7-25 7:30a.m. 3-Gap…easy 45 miles..

Cost: $150.00 per person includes lodging and food… Meals will be chicken, steak, pastas, pizza, salads, lunch meats, PBJ, and toast for breakfast. Wine/beer/water

Aside note: This is not a Kevin/Laura B and B, no mints on the pillow, no perky wake up calls, it is a camp and just like camp, chores will be announced in coming e-mails.

Things to Bring:
*Your favorite nutrition for the long rides and run
*Towels, we do not have enough
*12 x 27 or 11 x 28 gearing
*Sports drinks, or can visit the local WalMart 20 min. away.
*Aleve for the pains at the end of the day ☺

Limit 15 people…RSVP via email ASAP!

Looking forward to training hard, having fun, and enjoying the North Georgia Mts.

***running could begin earlier depending on the heat.

Ironman Triathlon Camp – Dahlonega, GA

July 30-Aug. 2nd
Dahlonega, Ga

My ironman athletes began arriving Thursday for an ironman build weekend. Most athletes are doing Ironman Louisville or Ironman Wisconsin. The athletes are from flat land Michigan looking forward to climbing 6 Gap mountain passes in north Georgia. A great training weekend was in the forecast for them. Unfortunately the weather had other plans in mind with 2 out of 4 days of rain both those coming on biking days ☺ Ask James how biking down Wolfpen with carbon wheels and brakes made his day!

Thursday they all did a short run in the Yahoola Valley. They were able to experience lots of dogs, hills, heat, and sunshine. Friday morning, wheels out by 7:00a.m. The day was 92 miles, 15,000 ft. of climbing, and oh yes, a solid rain fall throughout the day. The good news is that it was warm, and other than descending the rain did not impact the day. Matt…thanks for choosing 6 Gap vs. 3 Gap. A great adventure for a new cyclist! Amazing ride ☺
The best part of the ride was climbing back up the driveway only to see a cab coming down the driveway. By the way, a cab is a very odd thing to see in the mountains. After a few nervous thoughts, we were relieved to know everyone was fine! Once the bike was done it was out for a Yahoola loop, ice baths, outdoor showers, recovery drinks and feet up for Saturday’s long run. But it would not be an ironman camp without Kevin’s awesome meals, great dinner conversations (F2), a couple of beers, and off to bed early.
Sat. dawned sunny and bright and we were out the door again at 7 a.m. for a 22 mile run. That was a tough day, but they all finished so strong and learned quite a bit about themselves, nutrition, pacing, and overall how much fun a long run can be! The finish brought another soaking in the “crick” and then off for a rolling 30 mile ride. We followed that up with a lot of beer, great food, and even better conversations.

We finished the camp riding 3 Gap again in the rain. But, we all finished strong, and they learned so much about ironman training, and how to pace, race, and figure out their nutrition!

TMC IM Camp 2009

Thanks to Jon, Kelly, Shannon, Julie, Matt, Mark, James, Matt for a great weekend of training and I look forward to watching each of you reach your ironman goals!

Best of luck,

Camp Photos

Tri Camp Day 4 Sunday April 19th

Sunday was the end of camp.  The day began at 4 a.m. with Peter, Nikki, Bz, and Drew heading back.  Everyone had a long drive ahead and they were the first to be out the door.  When the rest awoke we found a slight drizzle of rain and the rest of the triathletes decided it was a good time to head home.  Kevin and I soon found ourselves with only two campers left.  Rob decided to head out to the mountain bike trails, so Kevin and I headed out for our last ride.  We rode the 3-Gap course.  I missed having all of the camp people around!  It has been  a challenging, enjoyable, exciting, exhausting, and incredible  way to “jump start” the ironman training season.

Enjoy your season and we look forward to having a Dahlonega Tri Camp in 2010!


Tri Camp Day 3 April 18

The long run would become the highlight of the camp and one to be talked about later that evening. The day began with a later 7:00 a.m. wake up call with the run beginning at 8:00 a.m. We all descended down in our cars to Yahoola rode to begin the 5.6 mile loop. The goal was to complete 2 or 3 loops making each loop quicker. We would stop at the cars, refuel and re-hydrate and begin the next loop. We started out together and quickly the fast “boys” were gone and the girls hung tough along with Rob, and then Drew who finally recovered kept us all in contact. Within the first ½ mile Max (cute dog in the pictures) was attacked by 3 dogs waiting in the grass for him. Kelly went after the dogs; the boys came back and checked on Max and Kelly. He was shaken but OK…and he went on to run the 17 miles plus a few more because he would chase the boys, come back to the girls, finally hanging out with the “chicks”. It would be another gorgeous day for a run 57 degrees to start the run and 65 by the end of the run. Everyone completed the hard, hilly loops on pretty tired legs. We were not done yet, after a quick return to the house, we changed and were out the door in 20 minutes for a 30 mile ride. I do not believe there is any flat rode in the north Georgia mountains. As Wayne said later that afternoon, he was not ready to ride so soon. Next year Wayne, I promise, one hour between events. We had a nice ride to the fort, well until Bz, and then Peter took off and made it a race which Kevin soon joined and the rest of us being of smarter, sounder minds, and painfully sore quads rode a steady pace to the Ranger fort. Time to head back home and all of us made it up the driveway at the end of the ride!!! No car rides for that group J

Off again to the “crik” for another day of ice baths, and lots of pictures of the group jumping off the rocks into the water. I think they had more energy left and maybe next year we will do 3-Gap on Saturday after the long run!

We headed back to the house after spending about 30:00 in the water. Next up was a talk on Ironman nutrition, lots of good questions, and information to be shared along with each athlete receiving the book “The Endurance Athlete’s Guide To Success” from Hammer Nutrition along with a goodie bag from Hammer.  We also covered training with Power.

The culminating event for the afternoon was the awards. We had King and Queen of the Mountain award, (Peter and Kelly) along with the Mental – Stick –To –It award to Nikki…who had a truly amazing camp. Jon, Wayne, Brett, Drew, Bz, Neal, Rob, each  received their special award and then we had a great dinner and lots of laughs, wine, and beer. It was a nice way to end the day.

Tri Camp Day 2 Friday April 17th

Day 2

Friday April 17th

Wake up call was 6:00 a.m. Everyone made their bottles of nutrition….Hammer of course;  had  breakfast of  coffee, toast, cereal, muffins, and with a bit of nervousness they were ready to begin the day. The driveway of the house we were staying in has a 25% grade and is steep all the way to the bottom. They had the option of riding down, which then meant climbing it at the end of the day, or taking the car to the end of the gravel road and begin the ride from there. I would say it was 6 for riding and 6 for the car. I am a car person J We had one group picture and were off on our journey. It was quickly apparent that the fast group was gone…Kevin, along with Jon, Peter, Bz and also David (a local Atlanta resident) were out of sight in the first mile!

Our first climb all 8 athletes were together, even Drew with the flu (feeling a bit better) made it up Woody’s Gap. We then flew down to the town of Suches and made the turn on to 180 with Rob pulling us along and Neal agreeing to be the sweeper. It was a great plan but with all plans things do change! The next climb was to the top of Wolf Pen…again we all gathered for pictures and slowly began the switchback descent to the bottom of Wolf Pen. Wayne showed us all how he loves to descend putting us all to shame. It was fun to watch him go! At the end of Wolf Pen two people chose to ride 3-Gaps twice and the rest continued on to the 6-Gap course. It was a gorgeous day, sunny, and such a clear blue sky it was truly amazing! We were blessed with a beautiful, fun filled day. We covered over 15,000 feet of climbing and descending all with smiles on our faces.

Next up was our transition run, a short 3.5 miles and then off to the “crik” for an ice bath. Today the water was 56 degrees. Sixteen minutes of pure pleasure.

Bed time came early Friday night. People were pretty tired and quiet. Looking forward to the long run on Saturday???