Kona Kountdown – 12 days out

I continue to be amazed that race day is 12 days away. The electric feeling is already in the air here in Kona. I met a big group for a swim out to the turn around buoy this morning. It was a cloudless morning, bright sunshine, with many fishes to see along the way, even […]

Kona Kountdown – 24 Days Out

We are just over three weeks out from the Ironman World Championships. It is finally becoming a reality and it continues to thrill me thinking about lining up on the beach race morning. The Hawaii Ironman World Championships is totally amazing, chill inducing, and greatest place to be if you love triathlons! Seeing the people […]

Tri Camp Day 4 Sunday April 19th

Sunday was the end of camp.  The day began at 4 a.m. with Peter, Nikki, Bz, and Drew heading back.  Everyone had a long drive ahead and they were the first to be out the door.  When the rest awoke we found a slight drizzle of rain and the rest of the triathletes decided it […]

Tri Camp Day 2 Friday April 17th

Day 2 Friday April 17th Wake up call was 6:00 a.m. Everyone made their bottles of nutrition….Hammer of course;  had  breakfast of  coffee, toast, cereal, muffins, and with a bit of nervousness they were ready to begin the day. The driveway of the house we were staying in has a 25% grade and is steep […]

Dahlonega Triathlon Camp Blog

Day 1 Thursday April 16th Thursday was the start of the inaugural “rainbow tri camp” (thanks BZ for the name). Triathletes began arriving Thursday morning, and by mid-afternoon we were ready for a 5.6 mile run. Well, Nikki, , Kevin and I ran Thursday morning as they and were anxious to get this out of […]

2G2BT Cookies: Kona made cookies!

Since I spend training time in Kona I have met many incredible people.  One such person is Annette  Leopold.  Annette makes these incredible cookies that taste delicious and are good for you.  Check out her website to find out more about these delicious treats. "…2G2BT Cookies are nutritionally dense, low in fat (I don’t use […]


Hola, from beautiful Spain. We arrived Wednesday July 2nd after climbing Mt. Ventoux outside of Avignon. It was a wonderful climb, (can’t believe I said that!), climbing 13 miles with a 7.5% average grade. Some sections were 11%. The top looks like what I imagine the moon would look like. Lots of gray rocks, chilly, […]