Tri Camp Day 4 Sunday April 19th

Sunday was the end of camp.  The day began at 4 a.m. with Peter, Nikki, Bz, and Drew heading back.  Everyone had a long drive ahead and they were the first to be out the door.  When the rest awoke we found a slight drizzle of rain and the rest of the triathletes decided it was a good time to head home.  Kevin and I soon found ourselves with only two campers left.  Rob decided to head out to the mountain bike trails, so Kevin and I headed out for our last ride.  We rode the 3-Gap course.  I missed having all of the camp people around!  It has been  a challenging, enjoyable, exciting, exhausting, and incredible  way to “jump start” the ironman training season.

Enjoy your season and we look forward to having a Dahlonega Tri Camp in 2010!


One Response to Tri Camp Day 4 Sunday April 19th

  1. Matt Buese says:

    Laura and Kevin,

    The “Rainbow” Tri Camp has kicked my arse two years in a row. I have to say, completing the 6-gap ride and then a long run the next day is a great way to gauge my fitness and make me mentally strong throughout the season.

    You guys are amazing. Thank you for letting a few guys and girls in Mongo Orange and Black participate with your incredible athletes. It was a blast.

    ’08, ’09 Rainbow Tri Camp participant