Laura in SpiderTechThis past week was an awesome week, REST week! I absolutely love how your body responds to the lower volume of training. Also, I received my hamstring Spider Tech tape. It works incredibly well. I even did a test. I put it on for the run to protect and help my tight hamstring through a 2 hour run. Perfect, zero pain level in the run. Then, I left it on to test it out…took an ice bath (brrr), shower, sat outside a read for a bit in the 90 degree heat, slept with it on and then swam this morning. Spider Tech Hamstring Spider ROCKS! It made it through protecting my hamstring for 36 hours straight. Yeah!

Looking forward to the coming weeks of build for the Ironman World Championships and continuing to stay healthy with the help of Spider Tech. Thank you all so very much.

Have a great week, and a wonder Labor Day Weekend. I am off to the mountains for a tough training adventure!!