Laura in SpiderTechWell I am officially into my long training block for Kona and the Ironman World Championships…Amazing! This past weekend was a long ride with some of my crazy friends doing IM MOO and Muskoka 70.3…so I had many training partners. That is soon to end though as they take on their IM adventures. We made it through the long ride and brick run and was more than happy to call it a day and head home for my wonderful “Ice Bath”….I am really learning to love these, almost anyways. Sunday I decided to test out my new Sider Tech Calf/Arch tape. I have been dealing with nagging issues on both my heel and calf and knew that a 20 mile run would make everything more sore. Well, the best and most incredible news is that by using Spider Tape, I ran pretty much pain free…unbelievable really. I love the tape and the pretty blue color 🙂 My running partners were jealous! I did learn something though, Do NOT, put any kind of lotion or sun screen on the part you plan to tape! All in all it was a good beginning to my building block and my Kona adventures. Hope you will follow me as I continue my build/training all the way to Kona!!

Happy training!