I continue to be amazed that race day is 12 days away. The electric feeling is already in the air here in Kona. I met a big group for a swim out to the turn around buoy this morning. It was a cloudless morning, bright sunshine, with many fishes to see along the way, even an eagle ray. The ocean is so full of amazing creatures that take my breath away…in a good way. This past weekend was the last big brick build out on the Queen K. I was able to experience the wonderful cross winds that literally make my bike go along at a 45 degree angle as well as the infamous heat on the highway. It was a humbling experience! While running back to the car , Craig Alexandar, Terrenzo, Mathais, Edwardo, Cam, and a couple other pro men were headed out to the Energy Lab at a clip I could only dream about. It was awesome to see these guys!!

I was again helped on the run with my Hammy SpiderTech Tape. Love the colors, but even more it has kept me injury free, healthy and ready to race. I even figured out how to cut one and use it to help out a knee issure for the run. Where has this tape been my triathlon life.

Good luck and safe travels to everyone not yet in Kona. It is such an incredible place to race.


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