Day 1

Thursday April 16th

Thursday was the start of the inaugural “rainbow tri camp” (thanks BZ for the name). Triathletes began arriving Thursday morning, and by mid-afternoon we were ready for a 5.6 mile run. Well, Nikki, , Kevin and I ran Thursday morning as they and were anxious to get this out of the way. Nikki was quite surprised with our short 5.6 mile “Yahoola Loop! There are big hills and Nikki ran an awesome loop as we tried to keep Kevin in our sights for an easy run. Great training run to open the camp! Drew (the youngest camper) came Wednesday and ended up with the flu so he sat out this run. 🙁

We were off to Wheelworks Bicycle Shop to have  a quick check of our gears.  Jon was awesome taking care of all of our bikes! By mid-afternoon, Wayne and Brett and I had the chance to get out for their run oop…(I rode a bike!) They had good steady running cadence and nice form and were quite happy to see the car at the end of the hills! By dinner time, all 12 athletes had arrived and were ready for a bit of wine and an awesome chicken dinner, with wild rice, and Nikki’s moms homemade chocolate chip cookies. (Thanks to Nicki’s mom…the cookies were so delicious J )

Then we had the 6-Gap route talk provided by Kevin, who knows every in and out and up and down that course has to offer. We begin the ride from Yahoola Rd. up to Woody Gap then to Wolf Pen, to Jacks. to Unicoi, then up the dreaded Hog Pen and the 7 mile climb and finish off with Neels Gap. Kevin was able to share all his knowledge with the athletes and we then sent everyone off to bed thinking about day two J