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Holly W

When I was getting towards the end of the season, the miles and exhaustion was really building. I had already realized Laura was a phenomenal coach with the results I had thus far in riding 20 mph and running almost a 7:00 mile at Red Line, then shattering my previous year’s time in Blue Ridge. During the Augusta training, Laura had grace, understanding, compassion and provided A LOT of required motivation.


in March I decided to work with Laura and knew I had made the right choice. What I did not truly realize but quickly became apparent is the depth of knowledge I instantly had at my disposal. Her willingness to provide a few minutes of time almost any time was priceless…


I re-looked at my Miami results from last year and i shaved almost an hour off my last year’s overall time. I looked at the pro men’s time and they all averaged close to 27 mph on the bike in Miami and 25 MPH for Augusta. So Miami was definitely a faster course and i only went […]


Looking back at this year, you have not only helped me physical, but mental and spiritually. I cannot thank you enough for the positive impact that you have had on my life – I was truly one of the best summers of my life.Wonderful friends and bike rides that I will never forget. So come […]

Kim R.

You, Laura.  You believe.  You inspire.  You make us want to do well, and make you proud (I’m sure that is a bit of all coach/athlete relationships).  But I know that I stayed healthy, and well, and moved forward with your patient guidance and counsel.  I am so very grateful and appreciative.  Coaching takes a […]

Lora Elkins – Augusta 70.3 Race Report

For those of you who don’t Laura she is a wonderfully terrific triathlete coach. She coaches athletes from all over the U.S. to compete in triathlons specifically in the 1/2 ironman and full ironman distance… At the conclusion of our Starbucks meeting I figured “Laura knows best” and hired her to prepare me for Augusta 2013!

Testimonial – Brenda H.

I had convinced myself that a busy work and travel schedule would prevent me from ever doing a triathlon longer than Olympic distance. But Laura’s coaching convinced me otherwise. With a carefully set plan, and coordination with my travel schedule to accommodate workouts, I completed my first Ironman in Florida in November 2011. Don’t ever […]

Testimonial – Susan N


This year Laura had the pleasure of coaching Susan to dual AG World Champion titles at the 70.3 and Ironman distances. Susan competes in the 70-74 AG and she is an example to all of the power of belief. The following is a lovely note from her husband, written to Laura after 2011 Ironman World […]

Testimonial – Mark S.

Thank you very much for the GREAT coaching, council, motivation, encouragement and friendship! These last months have been awesome! I have been more focused, driven and inspired than my entire 14 years of triathlon.  Working with you has taught me a lot about my self as a person and an athlete. Thanks to your coaching […]

Testimonial – Mark

….your email on race day tips/secrets was Awesome and I appreciate that very much!! This has been an Amazing journey that I have been on these last few months with you. I am in the best shape of my life, focused, and in balance on all levels. I am truly grateful to you for building […]