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Muscular Endurance Ride #4 – 70.3 race prep

This ride is designed as prep for a 70.3 race. All Muscular Endurance workouts are intended to build your aerobic zone power output and improve your endurance at that power.

Ride two hours on a flat to rolling course. Warm up 30 minutes
Main Set: Ride 5×12 minutes at Zone 3 in aero position (three-minute recovery spins)
Transition to a 30-minute run in Zone 3.

Note: Beginners can shorten intervals to 5×6 minutes in Zone 3.

Ride Strong!

Bennett Wins!

Congratulations to Kelly Bennett for her overall victory in Big Fish Triathlon June 19th Hadley Township, Michigan.

Kelly was coming off an 8th place AG finish at Eagleman 70.3 the prior week and continued her strong racing to take the overall title Sunday! Way to go Kelly!