Laura is IM World Champion 55-59 AG!!!

Laura had an amazing day out there to take the 2010 55-59 Age Group IM World Champion title! Congratulations Laura! We can’t wait to read your race report! The results as posted on the Live Coverage on Sophiea dominates the 55-59 age category – impressive racing! 1 417 Sophiea, Laura 55 Atlanta GA USA […]

Kona Kountdown – 8 days out

Eight days from race day, deep into taper…the weeks you love to hate. Most morning I wake up and feel like I have been doing way too much but realize that is because I am doing so little. I love the short 2 hour total workouts, and even miss my five hour workout days! However, […]

Kona Kountdown – 12 days out

I continue to be amazed that race day is 12 days away. The electric feeling is already in the air here in Kona. I met a big group for a swim out to the turn around buoy this morning. It was a cloudless morning, bright sunshine, with many fishes to see along the way, even […]

Kona Kountdown – 24 Days Out

We are just over three weeks out from the Ironman World Championships. It is finally becoming a reality and it continues to thrill me thinking about lining up on the beach race morning. The Hawaii Ironman World Championships is totally amazing, chill inducing, and greatest place to be if you love triathlons! Seeing the people […]