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Ann Arbor Triathlon…from a coaching perspective.

Sunday June 7th was the first local race in Michgan put on by Jim and Joyce Donaldson from Elite Endeavors. It was a wonderful day for a race; cool, overcast, great organization, great volunteers, and  an even tougher course!
It was a special race for me as I have not raced back in my “home” state in a few years. I was able to meet up with old friends and more importantly I was able to race with many of my athletes.  That turned out to be the best part of the day.  Amy, Lisa (in her very first triathlon), Julie, Terese, Kelly, Jon, and Mark were out there on the race course along with most of my old Team Mongo teammates. 

I was in the second wave being the older, wiser triathlete!  It was fun to swim on the feet of King Yaeger.  Drafting behing King allowed me to swim the straightest course I think I have ever swam. I wish he was at all of my races :)  Then it was off on the bike…rolling hills, pretty scenery, lots of potholes, and a high heart rate all combined for a good bike split.   The trail run was demanding with many hills, roots, an even higher heart rate all combined to make it one of the toughest trail runs I have the opportunity to race.

Since I finished early due to the wave starts, I was able to watch my athletes finish.  Finishing with smiles, fast times, and great races gave me the biggest thrill as a coach.  It was so cool.  Seeing Lisa in her first tri swim an awesome time, watching Jon and Mark finish within seconds of each other, the smiles of Julie, Kelly, Amy and Terese made it the best day!

Ann Arbor Triathlon is a challenging, great race.  Make sure to add it to your schedule for 2010.

**I had three athletes racing in Monroe, MI in the Race For Recovery Half Ironman on the same day.  Nikki, won her age group, placing 7th woman overall, Anne was 4th in her age group, and Wayne won the sprint distance in his age group.  Way to go!

Ann Arbor Triathlon Pictures

Lesson Learned !

***Here is a note from Brett who recently raced the Black Bear half ironman. He reflected back on his race and has generously allowed me to share his post race thoughts. Great race Brett!!

1) We got to the race early. No wait to get into transition or for the bathroom. Relieved a lot of stress having all the extra time.

2) Put heart rate monitor on my bike helmet so I don’t forget to put it on.

3) I need more electrolytes. I took 21 on the bike with me but dropped 3 on the road. Didn’t have any major issues, but could feel the cramps starting towards the end of the ride as I would get out of my saddle to peddle up a hill. I think I need to have 3 of those Hammer tubes filled for a full Ironman. Plan on one for each half, and the third as spares for any I may drop.

4) I need new water bottle holders. Even on a smooth course I managed to lose my bottle off the back of my seat.

5) Coke is my friend on the run. If I would of had some when I first started to feel sick I wouldn’t of had to wait over two miles to find an aid station that had some.

6) I felt the Energy Surge I took while on the run really helped. It was hard to tell on the bike since I took it before I climbed the last large hill.

7) I didn’t have any cramping issues on the run but I should have some electrolytes with me to be safe. One of my friends had issues while running and didn’t have any electrolytes with him and had to push through it.

8) Remember to shake protein bottle before drinking.

9) Took approximately 1300 calories with me on the bike. I had 4 gels in my flask, one bottle with 5 scoops Sustained Energy 1 scoop HEED, one bottle with 3 scoops HEED, and water in my aero bottle.

Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Overall
Gulf Coast ’07 45:05 9:25 2:58:33 5:25 2:58:24 6:56:51
Black Bear ’09 39:31 3:12 3:36:09 2:38 2:20:59 6:42:27