Meredith’s Race Photos

Meredith is one of the athletes I coach who is having a terrific season. She has sent along pictures from her first three races of the season. She just finished a top three overall in her age group which is very competitive! Great job Meredith 🙂 Enjoy the pictures 🙂  

Tri Camp Testimonial

Laura,   I’d like to add my thanks and appreciation to you and Kevin as well.  Thanks so much for your hospitality and generosity.  The training schedule was super tough, but as we all experienced, definitely something we could accomplish if pushed.  We all need a little motivation.  Equally enjoyable was the friendly atmosphere, which […]

Tri Camp Testimonial

Laura and Kevin,The “Rainbow” Tri Camp has kicked my arse two years in a row. I have to say, completing the 6-gap ride and then a long run the next day is a great way to gauge my fitness and make me mentally strong throughout the season.You guys are amazing. Thank you for letting a […]

Tri Camp Day 4 Sunday April 19th

Sunday was the end of camp.  The day began at 4 a.m. with Peter, Nikki, Bz, and Drew heading back.  Everyone had a long drive ahead and they were the first to be out the door.  When the rest awoke we found a slight drizzle of rain and the rest of the triathletes decided it […]

Tri Camp Day 3 April 18

The long run would become the highlight of the camp and one to be talked about later that evening. The day began with a later 7:00 a.m. wake up call with the run beginning at 8:00 a.m. We all descended down in our cars to Yahoola rode to begin the 5.6 mile loop. The goal […]

Tri Camp Day 2 Friday April 17th

Day 2 Friday April 17th Wake up call was 6:00 a.m. Everyone made their bottles of nutrition….Hammer of course;  had  breakfast of  coffee, toast, cereal, muffins, and with a bit of nervousness they were ready to begin the day. The driveway of the house we were staying in has a 25% grade and is steep […]

Dahlonega Triathlon Camp Blog

Day 1 Thursday April 16th Thursday was the start of the inaugural “rainbow tri camp” (thanks BZ for the name). Triathletes began arriving Thursday morning, and by mid-afternoon we were ready for a 5.6 mile run. Well, Nikki, , Kevin and I ran Thursday morning as they and were anxious to get this out of […]

Ironman Training Camp 2009

Once we have dates and schedule finalized for 2010 Camp, we will post the information here!  In the meantime, here is an example of the schedule for the 2009 camp! DAHLONEGA 6- GAP IRONMAN TRIATHLON CAMP APRIL 16th -19th Schedule Sponsored by Hammer Nutrition Thursday April 16th : Arrival Day 3pm : Easy group run […]