2G2BT Cookies: Kona made cookies!

Since I spend training time in Kona I have met many incredible people.  One such person is Annette  Leopold.  Annette makes these incredible cookies that taste delicious and are good for you.  Check out her website to find out more about these delicious treats. "…2G2BT Cookies are nutritionally dense, low in fat (I don’t use […]

Run Workout – Track

Tempo 1000’s 01h00m00s 6.5 mi Tempo Run 1000s: As the name indicates, this workout consists of 1000-meter repeats done at tempo-run pace with 60 seconds of recovery between them. W/U 2 miles nice and easy on a track. Start with 6 x 1000-meter repeats (2 1/2 laps) 80% effort 1:00 recovery C/D 1 mile steady […]

Bike workout

Base-Tempo/interval2 1h10m W/U 20 min. as: 10:00 easy spin 5:00 Alternate :30 standing, :30 seated 5:00 Seated 1:00 right leg, 1:00 left leg drill Main Set: 5 x 6:00 Z3 or 75% effort Relax and sustain smooth pedaling at 80-90 cadence. R.I. 2 min between each C/D 10:00 easy

Swim Workouts

Swim 3200.0 yd W/U: 200 swimMain Set: Ladder 4 x 50 3 x 100 2 x 150 1 x 200 Come back on faster interval…so last set is quick 2 x 150 3 x 100 4x 50 200 kick (fins optional) 10 x 75…odds easy. evens fast on C/D 200

Season Opener 3-29-09

Season Opener:   Lavaman Triathlon http://www.lavamantriathlon.com/   Wow, it was finally here, the first race of the season.  I always love the first race.  Nerves, lots of bathroom stops, seeing people you only see at the races, friends, and competitors, all wrapped up in the beautiful Hawaii morning.    Once in transition, I was filling my […]