European Vacation Week 1

Our first week in Europe was spent in Duignt France, on Lake Annecy. It was incredibly beautiful with nice easy rides as well as in my opinion very difficult rides. When we arrived it was 30 Celsius and sunny. I promptly slept 3 hours due to jet lag and since my bike did not come […]

a happy client

I am in the middle of training for my first triathlon and through some stroke of luck, Laura’s email was given to me. Things have been even better than I could have expected. Laura creates an atmosphere where you feel like you are the only athlete being trained and she she really listens to how […]

Testimonial – Tom M.

Laura Sophiea is a winner. She is a world class athlete, leader, and an amazing coach in the sport of triathlons. Her professional knowledge and race experience put her at the top. Laura has a positive attitude about her sport and life. She wins because of her dedication, work ethic, and commitment to specific training […]